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Version: 1.8.x

Install Monaco

This guide shows you how to download Monaco and install it on your operating system (Linux/macOS or Windows).

  1. Go to the Monaco release page.
  2. Download the appropriate version.
  3. Check that the Monaco binary is available on your PATH. This process will differ depending on your operating system (see steps below).

For Linux/macOS, we recommend using curl. You can download it from here or use wget.

# Linux
# x64
curl -L -o monaco

# x86
curl -L -o monaco

# macOS
curl -L -o monaco

# macOS - Apple Silicon (M1/M2)
curl -L -o monaco

Make the binary executable:

 chmod +x monaco

Optionally, install Monaco to a central location in your PATH. This command assumes that the binary is currently in your downloads folder and that your $PATH includes /usr/local/bin:

# Use any path that suits you; this is just a standard example. Install sudo if needed.
sudo mv ~/Downloads/monaco /usr/local/bin/

Now you can execute the monaco command to verify the download.

You are currently using the old CLI structure which will be used by
default until monaco version 2.0.0
Check out the beta of the new CLI by adding the environment variable
We can't wait for your feedback.
monaco-linux-amd64 - Automates the deployment of Dynatrace Observability and Security Configuration to one or multiple Dynatrace environments.
monaco-linux-amd64 [global options] command [command options] [working directory]
Tool used to deploy dynatrace configurations via the cli
Deploy a specific project inside a root config folder:
monaco -p='project-folder' -e='environments.yaml' projects-root-folder
Deploy a specific project to a specific tenant:
monaco --environments environments.yaml --specific-environment dev --project myProject
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command
--verbose, -v (default: false)
--environments value, -e value Yaml file containing environments to deploy to
--specific-environment value, --se value Specific environment (from list) to deploy to (default: none)
--project value, -p value Project configuration to deploy (also deploys any dependent configurations) (default: none)
--dry-run, -d Switches to just validation instead of actual deployment (default: false)
--continue-on-error, -c Proceed deployment even if config upload fails (default: false)
--help, -h show help (default: false)
--version print the version (default: false)

Now that Monaco is installed, follow our introductory guide on how to deploy a configuration to Dynatrace.