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Version: 1.8.x

Deploy configuration

This guide will show you how to deploy a Monaco configuration to Dynatrace.

Monaco allows for deploying a configuration or a set of configurations in the form of project(s). A project is a folder containing files that define configurations to be deployed to an environment or a group of environments. This is done by passing the --project flag (or -p for short).

Running the tool

Below you will find a few examples on how to run the tool to deploy your configurations:

# deploy all projects in the current folder to all environments
monaco -e=environments.yaml

# deploy projects-root-folder/project and any projects in projects-root-folder it depends on to all environments
monaco -e=environments.yaml -p="project" projects-root-folder

# deploy projects-root-folder/projectA, projectB and dependencies to all environments
monaco -e=environments.yaml -p="projectA, projectB" projects-root-folder

# deploy all projects in the current folder to the "dev" environment defined in environments.yaml
monaco -e=environments.yaml -se dev

If project contains additional sub-projects, then all projects are deployed recursively.

If project depends on different projects under the same root, those are also deployed.

Multiple projects can be specified with the following syntax: -p="projectA, projectB, projectC/subproject"

To deploy configurations the tool will need a valid API Token(s) for the given environments defined as environment variables. You can define the name of that enviroment variable in the environments file.

To deploy to one specific environment within an environments.yaml file, the -specific-environment or -se flag can be passed as follows:

monaco -e=environments.yaml -se=my-environment -p="my-environment" cluster

Read more about the environments file here: Environments file

Running the tool with a proxy

In environments where the access to Dynatrace API endpoints is only possible or allowed via a proxy server, Monaco provides the option of specifying the address of your proxy server when running a command:

HTTPS_PROXY=localhost:5000 monaco -e=environments.yaml -se=my-environment -p="my-environment" cluster 

With the new CLI:

HTTPS_PROXY=localhost:5000 NEW_CLI=1 monaco deploy -e environments.yaml